The PA Chamber is partnering with the PA Medical Society and the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of PA to promote mask wearing as a critical step toward Pennsylvania’s economic recovery.

Mask Campaign Lets Employers Express #WhyIWearIt

Pennsylvania’s business community is committed to “Bringing PA Back” by doing all they can to operate safely for both their employees and customers. This includes wearing masks and having their employees and customers do the same.

Implementing mask policies isn’t a political issue or a personal one. It’s simply a way to ensure that employers can protect the livelihoods of everyone who works for the business and relies on the steady income of a job in these uncertain times. Wearing masks also helps business owners stay insured. It prevents them from being targeted by pandemic profiteers filing COVID-19 litigation. It allows them to keep their doors open, making our economy stronger.

For all of these reasons, the PA Chamber is proud to sponsor the #WhyIWearIt campaign that gives the business community a unified voice in explaining why mask wearing in public is so critical to our state’s recovery. Together with our partners at the PA Medical Society and the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of PA, we’re inviting healthcare professionals, business owners and employees statewide to take to social media with their own unique perspectives on why they’re proud to wear a mask using the hashtag #WhyIWearIt.

Whether it’s to keep your families and communities healthy, your business open or any other reason, it’s important for the public to understand why mask wear is a critical part of moving our economy past this pandemic and into a brighter future.


Why do you wear a mask? To prevent a financially devastating lawsuit? To make your employees feel secure and confident that you’re doing the best for them? Give us your WHY and share it over social media.

Click here to download the sign, print it out and fill in the reason why your business promotes mask wearing. Then, email a photo of you and/or your employees wearing masks and holding the sign to landrews@pachamber.org, and/or post it social media using the hashtag #WhyIWearIt.

Thank you in advance for your participation and engagement as we work together toward “Bringing PA Back!”

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