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CDC Recommends Booster Shots for All Adults, Expands Vaccine Eligibility to Children Ages 5 to 11

As new COVID-19 variants continue to spread around the globe, it’s clear that this virus isn’t going away anytime soon. There is widespread agreement among the world’s health professionals that the most effective way to combat the virus and its variants continues to be widespread vaccination. To help bolster this effort, the CDC recently strengthened its recommendation that individuals 18 years and older receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster. The CDC has also expanded vaccine eligibility to children five years of age and older.

Booster Eligibility

Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna Vaccine
Johnson and Johnson Vaccine
  • Age 18+ who were vaccinated six or more months ago
  • Age 18+ who were vaccinated two or more months ago

The CDC has also approved the “mix and matching” of vaccine boosters. Eligible individuals can choose between the three vaccines, regardless of which vaccine they originally received.

For individuals who have yet to receive a vaccine, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has created an online resource guide outlining how to obtain one.

The PA Chamber continues to urge business owners to get vaccinated and to encourage the people in their workplaces and communities to do the same. The end of PA’s economic crisis will only come at the end of our public health crisis.

The PA Chamber continues to promote the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination communities statewide. We’re doing this by:

Resources for Employers

Join the U.S. Chamber’s “Rally for Recovery” commitment as we collectively work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic!

The long-term economic recovery for Pennsylvania and the nation depends on safe and innovative strategies to deploy the life-saving COVID-19 vaccines broadly, and employers must play a pivotal role in this effort.  In partnership with government and public health agencies, employers can provide a key source of support when it comes to community access and engagement, addressing vaccine acceptance and other key factors for adoption.  

The U.S. Chamber has developed a digital resource center for job creators to aid in our collective goal of widespread distribution of the COVID vaccines.  On this site, employers can find helpful information on:

  • Developing a Vaccine Strategy
  • Communicating About Vaccines
  • Vaccine Safety & Efficacy Information
  • Worksite Clinic Resources

The distribution of COVID vaccines is a critical component to putting the pandemic in our collective review mirror and beginning the process of economic recovery.