Rise to the Challenge

The Pennsylvania Chamber is embarking on the second phase of its bold, collaborative economic resurgence initiative that will create a framework to foster long-term economic growth and equality of opportunity in the Commonwealth.

“With the wide-spread distribution of the COVID vaccines and return to a sense of normalcy, we now need to focus on the economic future we envision for our Commonwealth. It is not enough to simply bring Pennsylvania’s economy back to what it was pre-pandemic. We need to seize the opportunity before us to make our state a beacon for innovation and investment. Now is the time for bold and decisive action to harness all of the resources we have to offer and set Pennsylvania on a solid path toward long-term prosperity. The second phase of our ‘Bringing PA Back’ initiative lays the groundwork and creates a road map for achieving these goals.”

- PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr

A Prosperous Future

Pennsylvania can be a model for successful economic recovery.  But to achieve that distinction, the state must first put in place a forward-thinking, long-term strategy that seeks to capitalize on the Commonwealth’s growth potential.  Our multi-faceted second phase of “Bringing PA Back,” – Rise to the Challenge – will do a deep-dive into our current economic situation and develop data-driven, non-partisan solutions to drive Pennsylvania’s economic recovery forward.

Together, we can own our future.

Over the past year, the PA Chamber has engaged in extensive conversations with industry stakeholders, business leaders and local chambers to determine what is needed to spur the Commonwealth’s post-pandemic economic recovery.  Working together, we can build a more prosperous future for that will ignite Pennsylvania’s economic renaissance and create equality of opportunity for every resident by:

  • Improving the state’s competitive position
  • Increasing infrastructure investment
  • Strengthening the Commonwealth’s workforce

With a collaborative, forward-thinking vision that is influenced by sound policy – not politics – we’re forming a long-term strategy for growth that transcends election cycles, improves the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians and promotes the equality of opportunity that is necessary to close a jobs skills gap, expand training and educational opportunities, and attract and retain the next generation of qualified workers.

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